The Welton Corridor in Five Points

Brownstones at King Stroud Court

The Welton Corridor in Five Points

The Welton Corridor in Five Points 1400 924 Kristy

Craine Architecture is proud to be involved in three projects in the historic Five Points Neighborhood of Denver.  These projects include The Lydian, The Brownstones at King Stroud Court and The Wheatley.  The Lydian’s framing is almost complete, which you can see from the photo below.  The Brownstones and the Wheatley have both been completed, and the latter is home to our new office.  We cannot say enough about this wonderful neighborhood!  We love it here, and have met some fantastic people who continue to teach us about the history of this amazing spot in Denver.  We are in awe of the historical significance of this beautiful community and we work each day to show deference and pay tribute to a community we love.  If you want to learn more about Five Points click here.

Come grab a bagel at Rosenberg’s, a beverage at Coffee at the Point or 715 Club,  or a pastry at The Rolling Pin Bakery.  Or if you want the real treat that tips its hat to the history of the neighborhood, come check out the Jazz Festival every May.  You can close your eyes and conjure up images of the days when The Harlem of the West (as it was called) was brought to its feet by performances of some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time (Billie Holiday, Miles Davis and Duke Ellington, to name a few!).   If you cannot wait until May, click here to a link to The Five Points Business District walking tour.

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