Union West

Featured Project

Multi-Family Residential

267 for-rent apartments

Fitness center and yoga studio, pool, work-at-home library, clubhouse

475,000 GSF

Van Gordon St, Lakewood, CO

Completed in 2016




Client: Confluence Companies

Civil Engineer: 2N Civil

Structural Engineer: KL&A

MEP Engineer: GLH Engineers

Landscape Architect: Outside LA

Interior Designer: Studio R Design

General Contractor: Confluence Builders

Design Challenge

Provide luxury apartments in an area with a scarcity of new housing product, while dealing with challenging site characteristics, including substantial slope and public trail accommodations.

Accomplishments & Design Solution

With great views of the Denver skyline, and the benefit of a site naturally sloping to the east, the building steps with grade, scaling down the mass and allowing views from an ample number of residences. Fully screening a pre-cast parking structure containing 450 parking spaces, the building wraps the perimeter of the site, fronting Van Gordon Street, and creating intimate courtyards internal to the site, where residents may retreat away from the activity of the surrounding context. The activity of the amenity wing draws the visitor up the hill, appropriately greeting them upon arrival. Hipped roofs, with deep eave overhangs, soften the roof line and allow the building to sit appropriately within its front range context.

Union West