Platt Park Residence II

Featured Project


Denver, Colorado

Custom single-family residential

4,400 SF

Platt Park neighborhood

Completed in 2014

Kitchen in Platt Park Residence



Interior Design


Client: Cliff & Jane Stanton

Structural Engineer: Henderson Engineering

Builder: Learned Construction

Design Challenge

Create a modern home that integrates into the residential neighborhood context.

Accomplishments & Design Solution

With tree-lined streets, front porches, and familiar residential patterning, the Platt Park neighborhood is filled with the elements that make Denver’s urban residential fabric so great. Appropriately scaled, walkable, and anchored by the Old South Pearl commercial center, Platt Park has become a residential district in high demand.

The project goal, as articulated by the owners, was to create a modern home that integrated into the residential fabric of the neighborhood. The design solutions were found in the patterns of the streets.

By maintaining block-sensitive setbacks, the use of a strong front porch, familiar building forms, and traditional materials, the completed home demonstrates the benefits of a contextual approach to contemporary design.

Modern Home in Historic Denver