Modern Denver Home by Craine Architecture

Platt Park Residence by Craine Architecture

Modern Denver Home by Craine Architecture

Modern Denver Home by Craine Architecture 1600 1294 Kristy

Craine Architecture had the pleasure of designing this modern Denver home for a young family who was looking for a modern, but contextually appropriate home in Platt Park.  Their home is featured in the current issue of Denver Life and Home Magazine. The following is an excerpt from the article…

….Basically, the lot size drove the diagram. Craine divided the “very, very public spaces” in the front of the house from the private space in the back with a massive concrete wall, which bisects the house crosswise, and rises from the basement to the railing of the second floor. It lends texture, unity and visual interest to the entire house. He then hung the stairwell next to the concrete monolith.

The concrete wall repeats the concrete used on the exterior of the house and was built at the same time as the foundation and essentially in the same way, with rebar-reinforced concrete. It was all wide open to view during construction. “The two-and-one-half-story, freestanding interior concrete wall that divides the dining room from the kitchen and family room definitely raised some eyebrows when the house was being built,” Stefan says. “I think people were concerned we were building an ‘end-of-days’ bunker.”

Rather than a massive structure, it turned out to be a light, clean design with an elegant simplicity in its exteriors and interiors. “I think for both of us, the greatest pleasure is the sense of calm you feel when you walk in,” Stefan says.


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