Timberline Amenity Space

Timberline Farms

Timberline Farms 5760 3840 Kristy

We are happy to announce the completion of this project!   Confluence Companies hired us for master planning and architectural design services on this 26.5 acre site, which is nestled between downtown Denver and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  The developer wished to embrace a rural aesthetic, so traditional farmhouse designs were modernized to create a contemporary, relaxed home environment for the residents.  The community consists of 314 units: 14 apartment buildings and 12 for-rent homes. Employing principles of New Urbanist Communities, we designed units with front porches and balconies which face narrower streets in this highly walk-able community.   There is a central green way, with garden plots and a farmhouse.  Further, there is a clubhouse, state of the art fitness center, and expansive swimming pool and deck.  All of these spaces invite residents to engage with each other and the community.  Apparently, this approach has been well received because leasing happened at breakneck speed.  If you are headed out of the big city, you should stop in and check it out! You can visit their website here.

Timberline Farms
Timberline Residences
Timberline Pool
Pool Deck at Timerbline Farms
Hoops at Timberline

38th & Blake Project

The Foundry

The Foundry 4000 2188 Kristy

We have been hired by McWhinney to design a 17-story mixed-use building in RiNo.  Located right across from the light rail station, this 474,000 GSF project will deliver 438 residential apartments, 8,000 SF of retail and 5,000 SF of office space.  There will be a rooftop pool and additional amenities on the 16th & 17th floors, allowing residents to enjoy expansive views of the Rocky Mountains and the Denver city skyline.  Energy efficiency was paramount in all aspects of design from architecture to mechanical, electrical and plumbing considerations.  Furthermore, there will be at least 30 income restricted units, which will help to bring additional affordable housing to downtown.  When you wonder, can Denver keep getting better?  The answer is a resounding, YES!  To read more about this project, click here.

17 Story Mixed Use in RiNo
The Foundry
School of Mines Topping Out

School of Mines Topping out party

School of Mines Topping out party 4032 3024 Kristy

Confluence Companies just held their topping out party for the newest Colorado School of Mines Residence Hall which is a four-story project perched on 1.38 acres.  Craine designed the sophomore residence hall, which features 107 suite style dorm units (249 bedrooms) and 4,000 SF of commercial space.  This is CSM’s and the city of Golden’s first LEED Platinum project.  What an exciting time to be a student in Golden!  Expected completion is Spring 2020. To read more about this project, click here.

Dorm room with a view!
What some lucky students will be seeing out their window…talk about a dorm room with a view!
Colorado School of Mines
Opening Spring of 2020!

Sova-come enjoy the view

Sova-come enjoy the view 7952 4917 Kristy

From the start of design, McWhinney and Craine Architecture have worked with the collective goal to deliver a timeless building to Uptown, designed with thoughtful consideration to the neighborhood, the greater Denver community, and the environment.  The result is a mature and refined building (built by Weitz) that will age well and help to contribute to a sense of permanence in the Denver cityscape.  When you walk past Sova, you will find it to be an inviting and calming presence that welcomes it’s residents, and engages the street. If you would like to read more about Sova, click here.  

Sova-Multifamily Residential Denver
SOVA (Koerbel Photography)
SOVA (Koerbel Photography)
The Hooper

The Hooper is coming!

The Hooper is coming! 5000 3500 Kristy

The Hooper, designed by Craine Architecture, further defines the intersection of 26th and Welton Streets, architecturally and programmatically complimenting the recently completed Lydian across the street.  The massing and materiality of the building demonstrates a sensitivity to the neighborhood context, both new and old, while the details are appropriately crafted to distinguish the building with a personality of its own.  Heavy on the efficiency studios, the residential offering at The Hooper will contribute to a broad range of contemporary home types in the neighborhood.  Building on the success of the Craft co-work office space at The Lydian, The Hooper will provide a mix of flexible collaborative workspace as well as traditional office configurations.  The ground floor will be home to the distinctive community-centric Busboys and Poets, a gathering space intended (in the words of the establishment’s founder) “…to take a deliberate pause and feed your mind, body and soul…”  There could not be a better descriptor for this building and the spaces within.

The Denver Post recently published this article and you can read more about this project here.

RiNo Mixed Use

RiNo Project Breaks Ground

RiNo Project Breaks Ground 5000 2813 Kristy

We were hired by Zocalo Community Development to design a thirteen story project that will deliver 381 apartments, a high-quality fitness center and 9500 SF of retail space to the River North neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.  This project aims to bring affordable units to RiNo, the majority of which are studio and one-bedroom apartments.   The location is one where residents will be able to easily embrace city life without needing a car.  To read more about this project, click here.

The Lydian

2018 Downtown Denver Award Winner!

2018 Downtown Denver Award Winner! 1341 893 Kristy

We are proud to announce that The Lydian won the 2018 Downtown Denver Partnership Award.  This honor is bestowed upon those transformative projects that contribute to our vibrant city center.  It certainly is an exciting time to live here, and we continue to be thrilled and humbled to be a part of creating a cityscape of which Denverites can be proud. As always, working with Palisade Partners and Confluence Companies was an absolute pleasure. 

A big congratulations to those on the design team here at Craine, and to the other award winning projects!  If you would like to read more about this project and the other winners, click here.

Sunset at The Lydain
The Lydian - Mixed Use Denver Project
The Lydian Entry

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday 4200 2656 Kristy

The temperatures are heating up and we are looking to get poolside!  To this end, we decided to revisit our Union West project which was completed in 2016.  Our client, Confluence Companies, asked that we design a 475,000 GSF residential complex.  This building features 267 for rent apartments, a fitness center, yoga studio, pool, and work-at-home library.  We hope the tenants are enjoying the finished project and having as much fun in it as we had designing it!

To read more about this project, click here!

Union West
Union West Club House

Riverwalk Update

Riverwalk Update 1500 1121 Kristy

We are approaching the completion of the south building at Riverwalk!  This is a $65 million, mixed-use project in Castle Rock, Colorado that will deliver 230 apartments, 34,000 SF of office space and 14,000 SF of retail space. A 32-ton pedestrian bridge that is already in place, connects the south building to the north building’s pool deck.   It is always a pleasure to work with Confluence Companies and we are thrilled to be a part of this watershed moment for the city of Castle Rock.  We will post an update once the entire project is completed.  In the meantime, click here and here to view more! 

221 Wilcox
Zia Progress

Sunnyside Project Update

Sunnyside Project Update 2200 1700 Kristy

Here is a quick update for you all on Zia, which is a mixed-use project in Denver. We were hired to design a 557,000 GSF building with 120 residential condos, 316 residential apartments and 9000 SF of retail space. Construction has been moving fast! The L2 transfer slabs have been poured and they have finished topping out the stair cores. The Infinity panels are on site, which means it is going to fly up in a hurry! We will keep you posted but in the meantime, you can image it eventually looking like the renderings below.