Charlie Bird Parker Soars

Charlie soars!

Charlie soars! 1381 1422 Kristy

It is time for an update of our beloved big blue crane.

The crane was developed by the incredible minds of Matter.  He initially took flight about a year ago, but sitting perched high up on the chamfered corner of our building, he caught many strong winds and wanted to take flight.  We called in our reinforcements at Douglas Construction, and John & Tony were able to redesign his perch.  Given that he survived the bomb cyclone in March, we can officially name him now.  He is Charlie, named after Charlie “Bird” Parker.

Yes, that is right, we named him after the famous American Jazz saxophonist and composer. This is the perfect name for him as he overlooks The Welton Corridor in the Historic Five Points District which is home to the Rossonian.  From the 1920s to the 1950s, the Rossonian hotel became a mainstay for Black musicians as when they visited Denver they were often turned away from other hotels where they had been performing.  Much to the delight of the entire Five Points Community, the musicians (such as Count Basie, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald) would often perform late at night or on their off-nights at the Rossonnian lounge.  Talk about a memory maker!  By the late 1950’s as segregation began to ease and Black musicians had more choices as to where to stay, the hotel and its lounge saw a decline, and after several failed attempts to restore its true grandeur, the Rossonian sat empty for more than two decades.  This has been a travesty given the history of this iconic building, which many consider to the be jewel of Five Points.

Finally, plans have been solidified to bring jazz back to the Rossonian and the Welton corridor!  As part of the Five Points Community, we could not be more thrilled!

So when you are driving past our office and you see Charlie, throw on some of Charlie Bird Parker’s tunes (Passport or Leap Frog), crank it up, and smile knowing that jazz will be flowing in the Five Points Neighborhood once again.